Elizabeth Grace (rynmorianqueen) wrote in clueless_rating,
Elizabeth Grace

I totally paused!

Name: Elizabeth

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Your 4 best qualities: Intelligent, loyal, loving, exuberant.

Your 4 worst qualities: Judgmental, whiny, bossy, vain.

What is something you're talented at?: Writing/linguistics/languages.

Your favorite movie(s): Clueless, Love Actually, Two Weeks' Notice, The Thomas Crown Affair, and BBC costume dramas.

Your least favorite movie: Dude Where's My Car ranks pretty high on the list...

If you could be anything in the world career wise, what would it be, and why?: Supreme Court Justice.

Your favorite subject in school: History.

Favorite quote: "Let us go forth with fear and courage and rage to save the world." --Grace Paley

What would you do if...

you were asked out by someone you have no interest in?:
Tell him nicely, on the spot, that I'm not interested.

you were attracted to your twice removed cousin?: Flirt with him and maybe ask him out if he seemed interested back.

If you want to, post 3 clear pictures of yourself:

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