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I Totally Paused

Name: Megan
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Your 4 best qualities: I'm friendly, individual, loyal and upbeat.
Your 4 worst qualities: I tend to be a huge worry wart, care too much what others think of me (sometimes), annoyed easily (sometimes) and I'm somewhat gullable.
What is something you're talented at?: I'm really good at rugby.
Your favorite movie(s): I'm a huge movie junkie, so I'll try to condense my list for your sake :P. Anything by Tim Burton or Kevin Smith, Fight Club, 200 Cigarettes, Clue, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Wedding Crashers, Clueless, Sin City, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Snatch, The Royal Tennanbaums, The Life Aquatic, The Bourne Identity/Supremacy, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Rent, Love Actually. I'll end it there.
Your least favorite movie: Umm, anything with Hilary Duff (which I've been subjected to while babysitting).
If you could be anything in the world career wise, what would it be, and why?: anything?... Then I'm a famous actress. But in the real world, I want to be a high school teacher.
Your favorite subject in school: English and History
Favorite quote: I've got a ton of them that I quote regularly... but most of them are from comedies and bands.. haha, but whenever I'm asked to quote something.. this always pops in my head:
"Never jack off a cactus, 'cause you'll only hurt your hands. And the cactus' feelings" -- Tre Cool

What would you do if...

you were asked out by someone you have no interest in?: I'd be honest. If I have no interest in them whatsoever, then there's no point in me wasting his time or mine. I'd be nice about it, though... but I wouldn't date someone I have no interest in (haha, that's probably why I never have a boyfriend :P)
you were attracted to your twice removed cousin?: Umm, probably keep it to myself, or tell my friends, but not family. Oh wow.. that would be pretty akward. If it's just attraction, than I don't think that's a biggie... but if I was in love with him.. then there'd be an issue haha

If you want to, post 3 clear pictures of yourself:
Sorry.. this picture's HUGE for some reason...
Image hosted by (the shorter one)

Image hosted by

Image hosted by (the one in the denim blazer and Kiss shirt)
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