Samantha (anotherdmbblond) wrote in clueless_rating,

i totally paused!

Name: Samantha
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Your 4 best qualities: im friendly, bubbly, a good listner, and trustworthy
Your 4 worst qualities: not thinking before i speak, not being able to keep my mouth shut, judging people before i know them, and i can be a bit of an air head
What is something you're talented at?: basketball
Your favorite movie(s): sleepless in seattle and sweet home alabama
Your least favorite movie: Harry Potter
If you could be anything in the world career wise, what would it be, and why?: Psychologist, i like to help people
Your favorite subject in school: English
Favorite quote: "if you dont believe in yourself, nobody else will"

What would you do if...

you were asked out by someone you have no interest in?: probably tell them i liked someone else and it wouldnt be fair to them if we went out knowing that i liked someone else (i've actually said that before to a couple guys)
you were attracted to your twice removed cousin?: be grossed out if i found out and never tell anyone

If you want to, post 3 clear pictures of yourself: i dont have any pictures, but i'm 5'5, thin, with strawberry blonde hair
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