Reno (hypecase) wrote in clueless_rating,

I totally paused...

Name:  Reno
Age:  16
Gender:  girly

Your 4 best qualities: intelligence, compassion, common sense, kind
Your 4 worst qualities:  hiccupy, strict, stressed out, anger
What is something you're talented at?:  I'm talented at writing.  I'm a very eloquent writer.
Your favorite movie(s):  Titanic, The Breakfast Club, Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men, Clueless, Chicago, Harry Potter
Your least favorite movie:  Napoleon Dynamite
If you could be anything in the world career wise, what would it be, and why?:  I want to work in a publishing house, because I want to handle all of the books that people become obsessed with.
Your favorite subject in school:  English
Favorite quote:  I have a lot, and I don't feel like looking for some, so..."To be or not to be, that is the question."  William Shakespeare

What would you do if...

you were asked out by someone you have no interest in?: 
Depending on who they were, go out with them.  If it was someone I couldn't stand I wouldn't but if they were nice...
you were attracted to your twice removed cousin?:  Stay away from him.  I don't care if they're little to no relation.  It still sounds gross.
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