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Which Cluless character are you?

Clueless Rating
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Welcome all you Betty's and Baldwin's! Clueless_rating is a place where you fill out an application, and other members vote (based on your answers) on which Clueless character you most resemble. This is not a rating community in the sense that you are accepted or not; everyone can join, and everyone gets stamped, as long as they follow the rules. So please read the rules, fill out the app, and vote for others!

-You have to join in order to post and vote
-Vote on others even if you are not stamped yet
-You must garner at least 10 votes in order to get stamped
-It is not required that you post pictures, but you can if you want, and it could help with the voting process
-Please bold your votes
-You may vote for females as male characters, and vice-versa. If a boy reminds you of Tai, please vote him as such
-Promoting is fine as long as it is somewhat related to the context of this community
-Do not be rude to other members. That I will not tolerate above all else
-Don't be an asshole if you are not stamped as your absolute favorite character. This is for fun, nothing to get upset about
-Please be truthful in your app. It completely defeats the purpose if you deliberately choose answers to make yourself sound more like Cher
-Avoid the sheep effect. Please say who YOU think the person reminds you of, even if everyone before you votes differently
-Put "I totally paused" in the subject line of your app. so I know you read the rules
-Have fun! That's the whole point :)

If your not going to vote on others, please don't join!!


Your 4 best qualities:
Your 4 worst qualities:
What is something you're talented at?:
Your favorite movie(s):
Your least favorite movie:
If you could be anything in the world career wise, what would it be, and why?:
Your favorite subject in school:
Favorite quote:

What would you do if...

you were asked out by someone you have no interest in?:
you were attracted to your twice removed cousin?:

If you want to, post 3 clear pictures of yourself:

Cher Horowitz
Josh Lucas
Tai Fraiser
Dionne Davenport
Christian Stovitz
Amber Mariens

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